newborn photography tips

Newborn Photography Tips

What should we do to prepare for our newborn photo session?  What to expect during a newborn photo session? — are my most frequently asked questions from new parents just before their newborn and family photos.  So, I decided to create a post explaining how to prepare for a newborn photo session.

First, I am truly honored to have the opportunity to capture this special time in family’s lives.  I love capturing this beautiful milestone in my clients’ lives.

Studio: My studio is located at 378 South Main Street, Sharon, MA 02067.  Pizza Market and Paris Nails and Spa are my neighbors at the Sharon Heights Plaza.   Parking is available right next to the entrance.

What to Expect During a Newborn Photo Session?

Dress your baby in a zip up or button up sleeper, without a onesie and please feed your baby a nice full feeding right before leaving your home.  Be sure to burp the baby really well after nursing.  Even a little bit of gas can make a calm, sleepy baby, an uncomfortable one in seconds.  Once at the studio, leave your baby in the car seat–I will take him and get him ready for his photos from there.

Please do not apply diaper cream on your newborn the morning of your newborn photo session.

It will be 80 degrees at my newborn photo studio.  Due to this, I recommend you come dressed for a warm few hours.


Newborn photo sessions typically last 2-3 hours, sometimes a bit longer, depending on your baby’s sleepiness, desire to eat, etc. The easiest way to ensure a sleepy baby is the willingness to nurse/bottle feed on and off, as needed.  If you are bottle feeding, bring enough bottles to last at least 4 hours.

I ask that you bring along a pacifier for your newborn photo session.  Ev

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en if you do not plan on using a pacifier at home, a pacifier helps me run a successfull newborn photo session and to transition your baby pose to pose.

Be patient.  If a baby is fussy or alert, don’t stress out.  Your newborn can sense your anxiety, and we want to keep the environment as mellow as possible.  We will work to get your baby comfortable again.  If it doesn’t happen, we will take a break or perhaps reschedule all together if absolutely necessary.

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Be prepared for messes of all kinds.  Your newborn baby does not care where/when and who to pee, poop or throw up on.  This is why I recommend you bring a spare set of clothes.

Newborn Photo Session Wardrobe

Nothing is the best wardrobe for a newborn during the newborn photo session.  No outfit fits a newborn well, and they often look swallowed in clothes.  Accessories are good–little hats, dainty headbands, etc.  I have a wide variety of props for us to use during your newborn photo session that I provide.

A Few Additional Thoughts About your Newborn Photo Session…

The family and sibling photos will be done at the end of the session, approximately 1-1.5 hours from the start of the senewborn photography tips 3
ssion.  If you live close, take two cars, you can call dad when your newborn’s solo photos are finished.  If at all possible, I prefer for siblings not to stay at the studio during the baby’s portion of the photo session; as toddlers can be loud and distracting.

I very much look forward to creating beautiful memories of your newborn and your family.
If you are still in the process of choosing your photographer, you may find this post helpful:

If you have any questions, be sure to email me at or via the Contact form above.


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