Booking a Newborn Photo Session

Tips for Booking a Newborn Photo Session

Are You Expecting?  Time to start thinking maternity and newborn photos and finding the right maternity and newborn photographer for you.

There is so much to do when you are getting ready for the arrival of your new baby–cribs, diapers, strollers, car seats, the list can be long.  Choosing your newborn and maybe maternity photographer is just as important–after all you and your child will treasure these images for years and perhaps generations to come.  Here are some suggestions and tips for choosing the best photographer for you and your family.

Choosing a Style I believe, choosing a matenrity and newborn photographer is just as important as picking a wedding photographer, after all your baby will never be a newborn again and you want to have gorgeous photos that you will love.  Check out photographers in your area (, follow their Facebook pages (, connect on the phone or even in person.  Carefully look through the maternity and newborn portfolios of the photographers and maybe decide on what you like (or perhaps don’t like).  Do you prefer images taken at the studio or perhaps an in-home “lifestyle” newborn photo session is more of your jam.  What props or accessories did you like?  Each photographer has his or her own look and feel, we call it a “voice”, and you want to find a “voice” that is the best for you.

Book Ahead  If at all possible, you want to book a photographer in your second/beginning of third trimester (2-4 months out) to guarantee a newborn photo session spot on a photographer’s calendar, especially if you are due during busier months of  May-November when outdoor family photo sessions are also happening.  Book your newborn session as early as possible and cross this item from your long “Preparing for Baby” to do list.  Your newborn photographer, should aim to book your newborn session 7-14 days post birth date to ensure a sleepy baby that he or she can pose into those beautiful squishy and curly newborn poses.

Be sure to ask questions…Experience is very important when working with newborns.  I have spent the last 9 years working with newborns and perfecting my techniques of working with

Booking a Newborn Photo Session 1and capturing a newborn and would highly recommend working with an experienced and practiced newborn photographer.  When it comes to newborn photography, price is not everything (would you want on sale sushi?)–experience, great reviews, recommendations and a beautiful portfolio that speaks to you is what you are looking for.  You may also want to know more about the studio that a photographer works out of, what accessories they offer during a session, and even your color preferences.  My newborn studio is well-stocked with newborn props, hats, headbands, wraps, drops, etc.    I welcome questions; as I believe that the more the client knows, the better experience it will be for both of us.   

The REAL reason  for getting your session booked in advance is to make sure  that  you don’t miss that ideal window to capture your  baby while they are still in that sleepy and curly newborn stage.  This stage lasts about 14 days.  When I book ahead, I reserve a space for the baby’s photo session on my calendar.  I typically will ask for a mom’s due date and pencil the client  7-10 days out past their due date.  Once the baby arrives, my clients contact me and we firm up the exact day and time of the session.  As a mom of 3, I know firsthand how hectic and hard the first 2 weeks are (taking care of all of the needs of your little bunle of joy day and NIGHT–there is nothing like continued sleep deprivation), but you will not regret coming in for a few hours and capturing beautiful images of your newborn and family.  I know you will treasure these newborn photos for years and years to come.  
What if you are due very soon, your baby has just been born or past the newborn window?  Well, that happens a lot and there is no need to panic.  I do my very best to accommodate last minute bookings whenever possible.  Just contact me via this link or email me at and we can aim to get you to come in as soon as possible, so we can create those beautiufl portraits for you.


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Kaufman Photography is a photo stduio in Sharon, MA specializing in maternity, newborn and family portraits.  To book your newborn photo session, please email or call 718-974-4123 or book directly via the form below:





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