wear for a photo session

Wear For a Photo Session?

I am now booking Mother’s Day/Spring Mini-Photo Sessions, and one of the frequently asked questions is: “What do I wear?”

So I decided to write a post with my ideas and suggestions on the subject.  Regardless of the type of photos that you will be taking–engagement photos, family photos, or head shots–the same suggestions apply.

Match vs. Go:
Instead of thinking of every outfit matching exactly, try to think about them GOING together. The colors and textures and styles need to all look good together, so try to pick a color scheme and style and stick with that. In the example below, all the outfits are casual, so the style is consistent. The colors aren’t all the same, but they do go together and compliment each other well.

Let one outfit or piece be your inspiration
We all have that one MUST see item for ourselves or for our child or our better halves–maybe an adorable new dress or beautifully colored/textured sweater.  Whatever that item is–start with that item and work from there.

Avoid too many loud patterns
We want YOU to be the focus of the photos, so your clothes should compliment you, not distract from you. Patterns work, as long as they don’t distract from your face. Also, if you you are being photographed in a group, make sure that patterns on clothes of those in a group don’t compete with one another.  As in the example below, there are just a few patterns, and none are overpowering, so they still go together.  Also, if possible, be sure to avoid logos and insignias.

Love some LAYERS
Layers are wonderful!  They not only give us an opportunity to bundle up or dress down during our unpredictable Northeast  spring time, but are also a great way to add depth and interest to a photo without being distracting. Scarves, hats, jewelry, cardigans… all welcomed!

Don’t feel the need to buy new clothes
I am certain that you already have a great selection of clothes in your closet that will work well for a session.  So, unless this is a good reason to go shopping, by no means feel obligated to do so.

Lastly and most importantly: Be yourself
If you’re casual, don’t feel the need to be dressed formally.  If you have a classic style, don’t feel the need to go trendy, or if you love the way you look in trendy clothes, don’t feel like you have to wear something simple with khakis.  BE YOURSELF when choosing an outfit and stay true to your style.

wear for a photo session


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